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Locate emergency number callers

A unique combination of emergency mobile application and standalone web based GIS for instant and accurate smartphone call location acquisition.

Fast and Accurate

Locate your Caller in seconds with accuracy of just few meters.

Realistic Maps

The position of the Caller is displayed on a realistic map allowing call operators timely dispatch of field units.

Compatible with Most Mobile Devices

All major smart mobile devices are supported (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Nothing to Install

Everything SmartLocator really needs is already available on all smart mobile devices.

Exact location from emergency call

Make a Call

The Caller makes an ordinary phone call to the local call centre.

Request a Location

The call operator requires the location of the Caller and sends an SMS using SmartLocator app including an automated web link.

Open the Link

The Caller opens the link in any web browser and waits for the location to be accurately determined and reported back to the call operator. It usually takes only few seconds!

Understand the Situation

Using exact location the operator is able to fully understand caller’s needs and process the request appropriately.

Integrated in several
European countries

SmartLocator has already been installed in emergency call centers in Slovenia, Switzerland, Finland and Iceland and is undergoing pilot project testing in Germany, Belgium, Lithuania and Macedonia.